1. EACL
    The Interplay of Variant, Size, and Task Type in Arabic Pre-trained Language Models
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    Gender-Aware Reinflection using Linguistically Enhanced Neural Models
    Alhafni, Bashar, Habash, Nizar, and Bouamor, Houda
    In Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Gender Bias in Natural Language Processing, 2020
  2. LREC
    CAMeL Tools: An Open Source Python Toolkit for Arabic Natural Language Processing
    Obeid, Ossama, Zalmout, Nasser, Khalifa, Salam, Taji, Dima, Oudah, Mai, Alhafni, Bashar, Inoue, Go, Eryani, Fadhl, Erdmann, Alexander, and Habash, Nizar
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  1. NAACL
    Contextualized Word Embeddings Enhanced Event Temporal Relation Extraction for Story Understanding
    Han, Rujun, Liang, Mengyue, Alhafni, Bashar, and Peng, Nanyun
    In Proceedings of the First Workshop on Narrative Understanding, 2019